It's Not About Us

Shared Purpose

We have a purpose. Quite simply, we exist to help drive your company’s performance. We think of it as a shared purpose: Because your success, ultimately,  is our success. 

Together, in partnership, we achieve that goal not merely by leveraging our complete array of digital marketing services — from website design to SEO to online advertising to analysis and the best of today’s ad technology — but by giving each of those services real meaning. In so doing, we build your comfort and confidence through caring, kindness and excellence. 

You see, ones and zeros are in our DNA. We were there when the Internet was born. We grew up together. And we combine that depth of online experience with our breadth of tech-leader relationships to dig deeper into your business, planting the seeds of digital growth — making online experiences easy for you and excellent for your customers. That’s our highest purpose. That’s our passion. That’s our plan for your success.

Our History

10TH DEGREE was founded in 2001, in the midst of the dot-com bubble burst. We were focused on and fortunate to find bright and bold clients interested in our unique approach to the burgeoning digital marketing channel…a channel that ultimately became the fastest growing medium in history.

Our unique approach was born from a deep and broad expertise in direct and database marketing. This background helped us pioneer the online advertising industry from its start as a largely static and traditional media placement to the accountable and targeted full-funnel medium it has become today. Our commitment to full-funnel digital marketing even caught the attention of the Wall Street Journal when they featured our ability to execute and track campaigns from impression to in-store sales on the front page of their marketplace section.

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Wall Street Journal August 25, 2003

Our Vision

In digital marketing as in software development, there is a general truth that the most powerful tools & techniques are the least easy to use and understand. With our mission of providing comfort & confidence through caring kindness and excellence…we have a vision of delivering on both for our clients. We want to deliver excellent results and make it easy for our clients in every way to do so.

Our vision is to achieve excellence by maximizing results and minimizing effort.

How do we deliver on this vision and fulfill our purpose? We create value (excellent) and reduce effort (easy) for our clients through the automation and outsourcing of essential digital marketing products & services.


Our Values

At 10TH DEGREE, we know that our behavior embodies our core values. And these core values guide our decisions over time and preserve the essence of our purpose. Our company values are: Excellence, Accountability, Integrity, Intentionality, Growth, and Generosity.

These values are celebrated every week in our company “Link & Learns” where team members recognize their peers that have demonstrated one or more of our values in the preceding week. It helps us all to remember what we are here for, who we serve and why we are driven to be excellent stewards of our client’s digital presence.

10TH DEGREE Values:

  • Excellence – High quality, consistency and on target results
  • Accountability – See it. Own it. Solve it. Do it. We treasure what we measure.
  • Integrity – Do what we say & we say what we do. Demonstrate honesty, moral principles and the courage to do what is right.
  • Intentionality – Manage our minutes and decisions based upon our mission, values & vision, not out of fear or the habits of others.
  • Growth – Embrace a growth mindset in our people, processes & products. Continually improve and innovate
  • Generosity – Showing a readiness to give more of something, as money or time, than is strictly necessary or expected.

Our supreme business value is not necessarily listed above as much as it is ingrained in the essence of our purpose, vision & values.  Perhaps the best way to sum 10TH DEGREE up is to say it as simply as we always have:

We measure our success, by your success. We are not about us, we are about you.