Search advertising drives business

Search Advertising can be the fastest way to get your brand and business in front of consumers. Whether you know it as Search Engine Marketing, Paid Search, Pay-per-Click (PPC), Microsoft Ads or Google AdWords…Search Advertising campaigns can get your products and services on the top of search engine results pages for the key terms that drive your business. With over 5 billion searches per day and trillions of dollars of commerce generated, the choice is not whether to do paid search advertising, it is whether to do the work yourself, work with us, or work with someone else.

How we approach it

Our approach to search advertising is rooted in analysis and methodical optimization designed to maximize reach, relevancy and conversion goals. These goals are not always obvious nor are they all the same,  so we customize campaigns to maximize the budget and minimize optimization cycles.

Armed with advanced tools and decades of expertise, we excel at executing excellent PPC ad campaigns across the major search engines. We crunch numbers, segment keywords, refine messaging, adjust bids, boost Q-scores & measure attribution; once we’ve successfully done that, we do it all over, again and again. Continual improvement until your search advertising campaigns performance exceeds your ROI goals.

From click to conversion to profit, we keep a tireless eye on your bottom-line, and we do not settle with a set it and forget it mindset. Our search campaigns drive revenue and fuel opportunities for other advertising channels to help your business flourish.

What We Offer

Discover what is included with every paid search advertising campaign at 10TH DEGREE.

Account Architecture

Keywords are researched, added to the account, and categorized into unique campaigns and ad groups. Your search keyword structure is then expanded, pruned and optimized throughout the ad campaign.

Ad Management

Unique ad copy is written and implemented into each search advertising campaign, ad group, and audience segment. Ad copy tests are constantly running to maximize paid search click-through-rates and conversions.

Bid Management

Rule-based bid algorithms are set up to meet target cost-per-acquisition goals. Bid parameters for paid search advertising is managed account-wide at the keyword level.

Budget Management

Budgets are managed closely to ensure that spend pacing is on track and the most efficient campaign spend mix is being implemented.


Optimizations are continually maximized for search ad campaign performance, and we provide transparent reporting so you can track campaign progress.


Optimizations are continually maximized for search ad campaign performance, and we provide transparent reporting so you can track campaign progress.

Frequently Asked Questions

Bid amounts. Especially in a competitive space, it can be difficult to always show up in the first spot. Depending on CPCs and competition, sometimes the first spot is not always the best in terms of ROI.

More real estate. When you bid on your brand name you have the opportunity to show more listings on your brand search result page. You will also push competitors down the page that may be bidding on your brand name thereby increasing your share of voice. Dominating the top of your brand’s SERP allows you to control what users see relating to your brand and makes it much more burdensome and expensive on your competitor’s that are buying your brand terms.

Your competitor may be directly bidding on your brand term or they are more broadly targeting the same set and the search engine identified your brand term as a related keyword. Having a healthy budget allocated to your own brand keywords will keep your competitors from showing up above you when someone is searching for you.

Typically that comes down to budget. If you don’t have enough budget to last throughout the day, your ads will only be shown every so often to ensure your budget lasts the entire day. Other reasons may be you are not in the geographically targeted area, your bids are too low, you are utilizing dayparting and searching during off time, or the search engine has deemed them irrelevant to you because you’ve seen the ads too many times without clicking on them.
Paid search is often the best performing channel because users are actively searching for what you have to offer. Social and display ads, however, should remain an important part of your overall advertising strategy.

Generally, a good bounce rate should be between 10% and 30%. However, this can vary depending on a variety of factors, including the vertical, offer, competition, landing page, the action you want users to take when they arrive to your site, and much more.

The best measure of success is quality traffic. We look at all key performance indicators to determine this. Is the bounce rate good? Are we seeing key shopping activities taking place? Are we generating good leads?
First, you must consider the action you want users to take. If you are running a direct response campaign a landing page may be a good fit. If you’re selling a product that users may prefer to browse the inventory of then you may want to send users directly to your inventory.
Paid search ads show in prime real estate, above organic listings. Users often click an ad which answers their needs, without ever scrolling to view organic listings. You are in total control and can make an immediate impact with paid search, without needing to worry about search engine algorithm changes. Whether your business is large or small, paid search allows you to reach customers more immediately and customize your campaigns on the fly.
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