Display advertising gets your business seen

Display advertising keeps your brand and business in front of customers, often for less money than other channels. Using a data-driven approach, we can target the right audience with the right message, while maximizing your budget and hitting your specific KPIs. With display ads reaching 90% of global internet users, they are an essential piece of your digital marketing strategy and cannot be overlooked.

Our approach is precision targeted

We approach display advertising with precision targeting techniques and strategic, ROI-focused buying to reach your target audience when and where they are most likely to respond. We ensure that your brand and your message are in front of your customers, no matter the channel or device.

Our decades of experience, combined with industry-standard tools and techniques, allow us to build market-driven display advertising campaigns that reach your customers across a wide range of websites and platforms. We use dynamic retargeting, geo-fencing, programmatic buying, prospecting, and customized creative design to meet your campaign objectives, continually improving until we exceed your ROI goals.

Throughout the process, we never stop analyzing and making adjustments to your display advertising campaign. Our display ads help to find new customers and engage existing customers with messages that are relevant and keep your brand and business top of mind.

What We Offer

See what’s included with every eye-catching display advertising campaign from 10TH DEGREE.

Campaign Creative

Your products, services, offers, incentives, and unique selling propositions are integrated into the creative design of each display ad. Our creative team works to create ads that encourage clicks and keep your brand top of mind.

Media Planning

We plan out every aspect of your display ad campaigns, including goal planning, success metrics, publisher research and evaluation, media mix planning and analysis, attribution analysis, competitive analysis and local market analysis.

Media Buying

We work with DSPs that allow us superior control over how your display budget is spent. We reach target audiences where they are and when they are most likely to respond – across any channel or device.

Budget Management

Your display advertising budget is tracked, monitored, and redistributed based on performance when needed. We want to ensure you are getting the most for your money.


Performance is tracked by package, placement, creative, ad size, demographics, geo-location, and device-type.


Optimizations are continually maximized for search ad campaign performance, and we provide transparent reporting so you can view your campaign progress.

Frequently Asked Questions

Banner ads are an important part of your digital advertising mix. Banner ads allow you to reach users that are not actively searching for you or what you offer, but are in-market. They are also a great way to stay top of mind to users through retargeting.
We have the ability to serve ads on any major website or mobile app that sells ad space, including social networks, local news sites, national news portals, and vertical-specific shopping websites.
We have partnerships with data providers such as IHS/Polk and Dataium, which allow us to target shoppers who are in-market for your product or service. Additionally, we can target by demographics, website content (contextual), past-purchase behavior, primary household language, and much more.
Our media buying platform extends our reach to all internet connected devices, including desktops, laptops, smartphones, and tablets.
The actions you want users to take on your website are the metrics you want to measure for success. Attribution is used to view the full picture of how display performs as a channel that assists other channels.
Programmatic advertising is a rules-based buying methodology that combines real-time bidding with targeted behavioral, geographic, and/or demographic inventory from publishers.
A DSP (Demand Side Platform) is a software system that acts as a marketplace enabling buyers of online advertising inventory to purchase inventory and manage numerous ad and data exchange accounts.
A DMP (Demand Marketing Platform) stores data and analytics to assist in the programmatic procurement of ad inventory via your DSP.
Paid search ads show in prime real estate, above organic listings. Users often click an ad which answers their needs, without ever scrolling to view organic listings. You are in total control and can make an immediate impact with paid search, without needing to worry about search engine algorithm changes. Whether your business is large or small, paid search allows you to reach customers more immediately and customize your campaigns on the fly.
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