Social media is more important than ever

Advertising on social media brings your brand’s message to your customers where they spend their time the most engaged. With over 1.5 billion daily active users on Facebook worldwide, and over 500 million daily active users on Instagram, social advertising can reach your customers no matter where they are, what device they are using, or what part of the buying process they are in. Your business cannot afford to ignore this rapidly growing advertising segment.

How we approach it

Social media offers your business an unmatched way to reach your target audience on the most popular social platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter. Our approach to social advertising begins with identifying your target audience and discussing your advertising goals.

We make sure every social advertising campaign is both relevant and eye-catching, so your customers take notice and stay engaged. Highly-specific targeting ensures the right people are looking at your ads throughout the entire process, from awareness to consideration to conversion.

Our decades of experience building social advertising campaigns gives us the insight and skills to help your business effectively get in front of customers and ensure your message is clear and relevant. We constantly monitor and improve on your ad campaigns, working with you to maximize impact and exceed your ROI goals, providing in-depth reporting and analytics so you can track your campaign’s progress.

Frequently Asked Questions

We specialize in the most popular and prolific social media platforms – Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, and Snapchat. The exact social media platforms we target for your ad campaigns depends on what will perform best and be most effective for your goals.

Social media gives you the opportunity to engage with almost any audience. With social advertising, you can get your ads in front of people who are actively scrolling and looking for content to consume. We use highly-specific and granular targeting to ensure only the right people are seeing your ads.

Not typically. One of the biggest advantages of social advertising is that a small investment goes a surprisingly long way. For example, Facebook requires a minimum of just $10 for ad spend. Though that’s not the average cost of advertising on Facebook, it shows just how budget-friendly social advertising can be.

While our social advertising packages do not include managing social media posts for your business, we do offer social media management packages that include regular posting and updating of popular social platforms such as Facebook and Google MyBusiness.
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