THOR is the foundation of our online advertising services. It stands for Transparent. Holistic. Omni-channel. Reporting. With data in our DNA and ones and zeros in our name, it takes THOR to keep score for our clients.

What is THOR?

Because we understand that there is no one-size-fits-all approach, we deliver concise, reliable reporting on key metrics that drive performance for your business. THOR is the result of combining our years of digital advertising experience with cutting edge technology.


We provide a single reporting platform for all campaign actions, conversions, KPIs and success metrics. Once a month reporting is not enough to see the entire picture, understand what’s working, and what needs attention. We evaluate performance daily in order to optimize towards success, and we believe that our clients deserve the same visibility. Our real-time reporting platform is available to you 24/7 so you can keep in touch with what’s going on.

In order to measure performance holistically, we look at the entire picture. Seeing the entire picture means tracking the impact of all ads, including click-based, view-based, and latent conversion windows. Along with your digital performance reporting, our attribution reporting shows you how your campaigns all work together to push shoppers down the funnel.

The shopper journey is non-linear. We optimize your total media mix based upon improved KPIs, conversions, and attribution reporting, utilizing each channel where it makes the most sense.

Key Features

Every 10TH DEGREE client gets access to these THOR features.

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24/7 Access

Track your campaign progress in real-time with access to our transparent reporting platform 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

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A Single Reporting Platform

Get insights into every aspect of your campaign with one easy-to-use platform, including conversions, KPIs and other performance metrics.

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Advertising Spend Visiblity

See exactly where your digital advertising budget is going at any time with total visibility into your advertising spend.

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Conversion Tracking

View the entire picture and get insights into how customers are converting and how effective your campaigns are throughout various stages down the funnel.

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See Key Metrics & Performance Drivers

Holistic reporting gives you all the information you need about key metrics and performance drivers for each of your campaigns.

Frequently Asked Questions

We give advertising partners full visibility into our tactics, methods, approach, and implementation. This includes access to our 24/7 live ROI dashboard, so you can keep tabs on exactly how your campaigns are running, as well as monthly reports from dedicated account managers.
We offer actionable insights, recommendations, reflections, and in-depth analysis, as well as essential statistics and performance data for your campaigns. The combination of expert review and client engagement means that, together, we can make real, effectual, and continual progress towards the growth of your digital advertising efforts.
Every 10TH DEGREE client has access to our transparent reporting along with a dedicated team, regardless of account size or ad spend. We know knowledge is power, and we seek to empower each and every one of our partners.
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