Big Change in Paid Search Advertising Impacts PPC Ads

In February 2016, Google began rolling out a new layout design for their Search Engine Results Page (SERP) in an effort to make advertising more appealing to searchers. This new paid search advertising design removes ads from the right side of the page, and increases the number of  ads at the top to four, plus three at the bottom, for a total of seven advertising positions on the page.

What does this mean for paid search advertising? It means that PPC ads are now more important, with more room for advertisements at the top of the page, and less room for organic search results above the fold. With the removal of the right side ads, competitors may begin to bid more aggressively on the top four positions.

In addition to the layout change, paid search ads can have extensions such as phone numbers, sitelinks and structured snippets. This, along with the inclusion of another ad space above the fold, could help to increase CTRs for ads in positions two and three.

Time will tell about the potential effects of this new Google SERP design, but you can be sure that our PPC team will continue to make the smartest optimizations when it comes to your account. We continually research and test the best practices in paid search advertising to ensure that your ads continue to reach and resonate with your current and potential customers.

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