Custom Audience Targeted Search Engine Advertising

Yahoo announced a new program for custom audience targeted search engine advertising, which allows advertisers to use their own data, in combination with Yahoo data, to effectively target their customers in search results across devices. Audience targeting is available for search engine advertising on Yahoo Gemini for all US advertisers. The additional search engine advertising data can provide insights for optimizing a bid strategy, such as adding a bid modifier to improve ad positions that lead to better conversations.

Custom audience targeting enables advertising to target searchers by their online behavior and interests, in addition to their search queries. Through Yahoo Gemini, advertisers can choose audience segments defined by their own data, or use Yahoo data to engage searchers who are more likely to be interested in their products.

Audience Targeted Search Engine Advertising Can:

Retarget consumers who visit or perform specific actions on their website
Engage existing app users based on their in-app behavior
Target searchers based on more than 150 audience interest categories from Yahoo
Yahoo has been testing audience targeted ads since the beginning of the year with more than 100 advertisers. On average, pilot advertisers saw a 200% higher click through rate and improved ad positioning for audience targeted traffic. In addition, by leveraging conversion tracking through Dot and optimizing bids for their designated keywords, advertisers saw on average 90% higher conversion rates and 30% savings in cost per acquisition. The company says improved performance for search engine advertising is evidenced by better ad positions, conversion rates and cost per acquisition for audience targeted traffic from pilot participants.

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