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Customizable Vehicle Display Pages

Jazel Automotive Announces New Customizable Vehicle Display Pages

Customizable Vehicle Display Pages provide flexibility, clean design, and better user experience

Jazel Automotive, 10TH DEGREE’s sister company, announced new customizable vehicle display pages (VDPs) which gives Jazel the ability to style and customize pages to create an overall better user experience. 

With their new editor on the M2E Platform, they can drag and drop different elements allowing the user to display what they’d like which allows room for creativity and customization. Image carousels, pricing stack, or call to action buttons are just some of the examples of items that can be placed anywhere on the VDP.

The vehicle info is dynamically passed into elements that are used to configure the pages. Since the elements that were mentioned before can be placed anywhere on the pages, then this means the vehicle info can be placed anywhere as well. The page uses the same elements as any other page that is built on the site, so all the style and placement configurations that are available on the other pages, is also available for the Vehicle Display Pages.

Additionally, a site can have different styles of Vehicle Display Pages for various Vehicle Listings Pages. For example, a Specials Vehicle Listings Page, with vehicles a dealership wants to highlight, can have a differently styled VDP, which could put more emphasis on pricing or features of the vehicle.

With Jazel’s page builder, they’re able to customize pages to fit any requests a client would like. This results in well styled Vehicle Display Pages that are easy to use and their customers will love.

Headquartered in Tustin, Ca, Jazel Automotive is the industry’s first Customer-Centric Dealership Website provider. Since 2003, Jazel Automotive has been on a mission to transform the online car shopping experience through insight, innovation, and operation excellence.

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