Digital Advertising Automated Bid Management Campaigns

Bid management is a critical part of successful digital advertising campaigns, so Google enhanced the automated bid management process to improve digital advertising performance.“Smart Bidding” uses machine learning to factor in millions of signals to help automate the optimal bid, and it continually refines models of your conversion performance at different bid levels to help you get more from your digital advertising budget.Machine learning capabilities maximize the accuracy of your digital advertising bid management to improve how you optimize the long-tail. It evaluates patterns in your advertising campaign structure, landing pages, ad text, product information, keyword phrases and other factors to identify more relevant similarities across bidding items and gather information between them.With Smart Bidding improvements, it was reported that advertisers using Target CPA and Target ROAS in DoubleClick Search saw an average 16% lift in conversions.In addition to machine learning capabilities, Smart Bidding also includes:

  • Precise bid optimization tailored to a user’s context
  • Flexible performance controls that factor in your unique business goals
  • Transparent reporting that provides clear insight into how bids are performing

Bid Signals Based on User Context

Digital advertising bids are based on a user’s context to set the right bid and maximize ad performance. Automated bid management factors in a range of signals like device, location and remarketing lists to automate bids and bid adjustments across engines.

Incorporating Your Custom Data

Custom Floodlight variables can be used as inputs for DoubleClick Search bid strategies. You can enrich conversion events with additional information and set unique ROI goals based on this custom data. For example, you can target a $10 CPA for new customers and $5 CPA for existing customers.

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