Digital Media and Mobile Advertising Forecast to Grow

In 2017, digital media advertising is expected to surpass TV for the first time, according to eMarketer’s quarterly ad spending forecast. In 2017, TV ad spending is projected to be 35% of total media ad spending in the US, while digital media ad spending is expected to grow to 38% of total ad spending.

The forecast says that digital advertising will increase 15.4% this year, and mobile advertising in the US will grow 38.0% this year, which represents 63% of total digital ad spending in the US this year. Ad spending might be following consumer media consumption shifts more so than advertising influence. TV ads influence far more consumers to make a purchase than video or display ads, though social media ads may have more influence among Millennials.

Traditional media is expected to decline in relative market share of ad spend, but dollars spent will not decline, due to continued growth in overall media ad spending. The forecast also says that by the year 2020, market share for digital media advertising is expected to increase 25%, and the share of mobile advertising is projected to grow by 44%.

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