Fall in Love with Programmatic Advertising

If you’re like any business, you’re wondering how to increase your sales and target more relevant customers. Traditionally, this process is achieved by some sort of marketing or advertising.  However, the myriad of choices available to advertisers today can be confusing. What’s more, advertisers are notoriously slow to adopt new technologies. They get comfortable using the same old tools as new tools pop up to further target their desired audience.  First, they were slow to embrace online advertising, then it was podcasts, and now it’s programmatic advertising. But there are plenty of reasons why your business will fall in love with programmatic advertising. Let’s make you a fan.

What is Programmatic Advertising?

Programmatic advertising is the future of personalized marketing to a display, digital, and TV audience, which can yield great returns on investment.  What’s not to love about that? Moreso, it is delivering relevant content on a one on one experience using big data to provide the slick feel of a television advertisement in a more personal way.

Advertisers use a demand side platform to buy impressions, sifting through data to determine which impressions to buy and how much to pay for them.  Publishers, on the other hand, use a supply side platform to sell ad space. The supply side and demand side platforms are matched up in real time and are automated to deliver content to a narrow audience. Computer data algorithms and data obtained from advertisers, publishers’ ratings and viewing behaviors, or third party data determine which audience to show this programmatic advertising content to, ensuring advertisers get the most bang for their buck. Because of this process, advertisers are allowed much more control over their campaigns and are able to obtain more relevant leads as a result.

How Will Programmatic Advertising Benefit Your Business?

Programmatic advertising will allow advertisers far more control than a previously manual process of buying advertising impressions.  No longer will they have to commit to 1 million impressions on one media site. Now, advertisers can buy 1 million impressions from a programmatic advertising platform that uses data to spread these across a variety of sites and channels.  Those million impressions could be featured on everything from financial news sites to MSNBC feeds and more, providing marketers in that space a more relevant audience.

By identifying audiences similar to one’s own customer base, programmatic advertising allows advertisers the ability to communicate to prospects who may similarly be in the market for your goods and services.  This provides you with the ability to expand your reach in an intelligent way.

If you’re not yet in love with programmatic advertising, consider the ROI is much more effective than last click attribution models.  With multiple touch points, advertisers have experienced increases in click through rates as high as 66%.  This kind of boost in click through rates can also lead to increased conversions and sales, which will really make you love programmatic advertising.  If you need some help creating a programmatic advertising strategy, contact us today and we can help! 


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