Getting the Most Out of Your Co-op Ad Budget

Dealers who decide to dominate sales and rankings in their markets are those who smartly allocate their marketing and advertising dollars, both utilizing OEM co-op advertising dollars, and allocating budget to online advertising that may not always be co-op compliant. There’s no reason to completely relinquish control of your dealership’s marketing and advertising dollars to the OEM.

10TH DEGREE can help in creating advertising campaigns for your dealer that are both market competitive and dealer-centric. We can utilize your co-op dollars as effectively as possible, while also efficiently spending your additional digital marketing budget on campaigns that really move the needle.

OEM’s often focus on measuring impression share, time on site, and other metrics (and can use some of these measures to create gates to co-op qualification). This makes sense considering these are the same metrics used by many of the same vendors from store to store, all competing against each other in the same market. Often, these co-op compliant ads are non-competitive ads, which is why dealers really can’t accelerate sales and significantly climb in rankings.

There is no reason why your co-op ads can’t be both competitive and compliant, despite some of the limitations placed by OEMs. What matters more is who is driving the strategy for your store’s success, and 10TH DEGREE works closely with your dealership to create a campaign that effectively markets your dealership, no matter how competitive your market area is.

Yes, the OEMs have their thumbs on the scale a bit because they mandate co-op advertising in order for dealers to qualify for various OEM incentives. But that’s ok! You can have the best of both worlds! Keep your co-op and apply those dollars as effectively as possible, and have 10TH DEGREE help maximize your additional advertising budget.

10TH DEGREE will partner with you and work tirelessly to increase sales, share, and rankings by stopping the pump-ins and increasing the pump-outs – and lowering average cost per lead and cost per acquired customer.

Are you ready to stand out in the crowd?

Let’s win, together!


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