How 10TH DEGREE Ensures Website Uptime

Website Uptime Got You Down?

Website uptime refers to the amount of time your site is available to users in a given time period. You may be asking yourself, ‘why would my site ever be down to begin with?’ The goal is to have 100% site uptime, however, the actual percentage will depend on your site provider and the measures they take to ensure your site is available to users. The website and marketing experts at 10TH DEGREE take a comprehensive approach to uptime which includes reliable AWS Route 53 DNS setup, multiple address records, automatic scaling of servers based on traffic, and 24/7 monitoring. These steps provide our clients peace of mind, knowing their website is up, and available to users.

One of the most important factors of your site’s uptime is the Domain Name System (DNS). The DNS can be looked at like a digital post office that connects users looking for a website, with the physical server the site is based out of. In the event a DNS goes down or is not operating correctly, there’s no way of linking users to your website. This is why 10TH DEGREE uses AWS Route 53 as our DNS provider. AWS Route 53 is used by many of the top companies and developers worldwide because of its reliability, security, and low latency. AWS Route 53 DNS helps ensure 10TH DEGREE sites are consistently available to our client’s users.

When a 10TH DEGREE site is set up, we will create multiple Address Records, also known as A Records. The A Record connects the domain name to the IP address, and by using multiple A records, we add stability and redundancy to our websites. If a server were to have an issue, our backup A Records will automatically point to a secondary server.

Whether you are experiencing unusually high site traffic during a campaign, or it’s late Sunday night, 10TH DEGREE uses a group of servers that equally distribute traffic so no single server ever gets overwhelmed. In addition to autoscaling traffic amongst multiple servers, 10TH DEGREE also uses Elastic Load Balancing to prevent any single storage location from being overburdened. Autoscaling and Load Balancing allows your 10TH DEGREE website to handle any amount of traffic, making sure your site is up and running for your users.

In the rare event of service disruption, 10TH DEGREE is prepared with a 24/7 monitoring system continually measuring the uptime of all our websites. Down to the minute and from multiple locations across the U.S., every 10TH DEGREE site is monitored for uptime. A website is automatically flagged to us as being down if the monitoring system sees a delay of 30 seconds or more. In the event of a site being down, the 10TH DEGREE team is alerted immediately and takes swift actions to get the site back up and running, as quickly as possible.

Your website should be the portion of your business that never closes, which makes uptime a top priority. 10TH DEGREE is proud to boast a 99.99%-100% uptime average across all of our sites. Our partners can rest assured that their site will be up, and most importantly available to their customers. If this is something you are concerned about with your own site, or if it’s something you would like more information on, contact the 10TH DEGREE team at

10TH DEGREE Website Uptime


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