Jazel Automotive Announces Customizable SRP Cards

10TH DEGREE’s sister company, Jazel Automotive, Announces New Customizable SRP CARDS

Customizable SRP Cards allow you to choose the location of buttons, pricing, and vehicle Info, have multiple styles available, and dynamically show data based on vehicle attributes.

June 11, 2021: On Jazel’s previous platforms, the look and feel of the SRP was limited to 2 flavors of styles. Clients had the horizontal layout which displayed basic vehicle information and images in a wide card, or clients had the card layout, which displayed vehicle information in the form of cards.

Horizontal SRP Card
Horizontal Layout
Card Style SRP
Card Layout

Now clients are able to have both options in super customizable fashion. Each card layout, whether standard or wide, can be completely customized to show whatever vehicle data is available for that vehicle.

No more wishing that the SRP looked a certain way or wishing a button could be moved anywhere on the card, because it’s possible now.

As with the Vehicle Display Pages, the SRP Card uses the new page builder to build out the individual SRP card, which dynamically can pass the vehicle data in. The page builder is the same as any other page on the site. Therefore, the elements can be moved around freely, so the possibilities are endless.

In addition, not every SRP has to look the same. We can use different styles on different SRP’s if we want to highlight different features. We do recommend that advice from the Jazel design team is still heeded. 

Headquartered in Tustin, Ca, Jazel Automotive is the industry’s first Customer-Centric Dealership Website provider. Since 2003, Jazel Automotive has been on a mission to transform the online car shopping experience through insight, innovation, and operation excellence.




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