Landing Page Optimization for PPC Advertising

Essential to any pay per click advertising campaign is a strategy for landing page optimization.

After you generate clicks on your PPC ads, you need to ensure that landing pages are optimized to transform clicks into conversions.

Landing pages have an impact on Google’s Quality Score which in turn impacts AdRank and bidding costs, ad positions, and eligibility for certain ad extensions.

Google doesn’t say exactly how AdRank and Quality Score work, but the general principle includes optimizing landing page performance and user experience.

People who click on PPC advertising generally have a stronger purchase intent compared to general browsers, and landing pages need to meet service expectations.

Users will make a quick decision to stay or leave your landing page, and relevance will reduce bounce rates and send the right signals to Google.

Removing the page navigation options can eliminate distractions for the user and increase the chances that they will complete a purchase or fill out a form.

The page length needs to be long enough to sell the product or service in the way you want to, but not so long that it deters visitors.

A good call to action is one of the most important elements on PPC landing pages. Here are some points to consider:

  • The call to action needs to be prominent and easy to read
  • The color should help to make the CTA stand out
  • It should communicate clear action you want users to take

With mobile accounting for 30 percent of all U.S. e-commerce sales, landing page optimization services need to consider mobile devices.

There’s a strong case for stripping down landing pages by removing unnecessary features to reduce the page weight.

Pages need to load quickly to optimize PPC advertising conversions because users will become frustrated with slow loading pages and may leave before it finishes loading, and Google takes page speed into account as part of its Quality Score.



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