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Any content marketing plan must include targeting, and the right approach to targeting has never felt more essential than it does right now. 

Content is a tried-and-true method of capturing attention and establishing faith in your expertise. It will help you create brand salience, which means that your solution comes to mind when decision-makers are making future plans. It can also provide persuasive reasons for consumers to act on their interest in your company by answering critical questions they ask themselves during the consideration process. All of this works best, however, when you can aim the right content to the right prospects at the right stage of the funnel.


LinkedIn's Targeting Capabilities

Because of LinkedIn’s specific targeting capabilities, you can adapt your message to your target audience’s attitude in this way. They also mean you can do it at scale, increasing your share of voice and getting you closer to your marketing objectives as quickly as possible. The trick is to use the right reason and ideology when targeting people on LinkedIn. It isn’t about coming up with excuses to keep people from interacting with your material. It’s all about reaching out to those who are ready to do business, as well as engaging influencers, decision-makers, and executives at a large scale.

Here is an infographic that walks you through the various targeting options on LinkedIn. There are criteria that will help you reliably meet all of the most important audiences while they’re at their most active, from company and industry to job function and seniority, work experience, and interests.

Linkedin infographic
linkedin infographic
linkedin infographic part 3
linkedin infographic part4
linkedin infographic part 5

You’ll also learn about the sweet spot for increasing visibility, reputation, and impact: the ideal audience size of 60,000 to 400,000 people around whom you can focus your content targeting. Limiting each campaign to two or three targeting facets and then evaluating various campaigns to find the targeting strategy that engages the audience in the most effective way is also the secret to doing so. When you create a LinkedIn campaign, you’ll get an estimate of the size of the audience you’ll be targeting, which will help you strike the right balance.

When you advertise to everybody, you’re advertising to no one, regardless of the marketing channel you use. Reaching the right people, at the right moment, with the right message, in the right place is an old marketing mantra that we believe will always be real, but you must first know what is right.

It’s important to target the right people. Using the following options on LinkedIn, you can connect with business professionals who are looking to advance their careers, expand their networks, and promote their expertise and knowledge:

Understanding your potential customer and concentrating on meeting their needs and desires with knowledge about your company is crucial to your success. Using LinkedIn to scale up what’s working organically, you will target new markets close to your ideal customers. Hopefully, this article has shown a few methods for accomplishing this with LinkedIn. 


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