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When it comes to creating interesting and engaging content, businesses and brands need to consider embracing new and emerging trends and resources. One of these trends is short-form video content, and the leading destination for this is TikTok. While you may have heard of this platform before, its benefits in creating buzz for your business can be limitless. But, before we go over what you can do with the platform, it’s important to get a grasp of what it is. 

What is TikTok?

TikTok is a social media app where users can create and share videos. While the platform started with mostly music-based content, it now provides a home for comedic sketches, craft and DIY videos, and so much more. The ideas for content are seemingly endless on TikTok. If this concept sounds familiar, there were previous apps that were similar, including Vine, Dubsmash, and 

According to Demand Sage, as of January 2022 the platform has 1.39 billion users, with over one billion of those being monthly users. This means that 20.83% of the world’s internet users use the app, and it is the sixth most used social media app on a monthly basis. On average, its users view an average of 850 minutes of video on the app per month. While these statistics are impressive, what’s even better for businesses is the rates of engagement. Out of all social media apps, TikTok has an average engagement rate of 17.96% as opposed to the next app Instagram, which has an engagement rate of 3.86%. Clearly, TikTok’s users are more engaged with its creators, which is fantastic news for you.

How Does TikTok Work?

With the app, creators can make videos as short as fifteen seconds to as long as three minutes on pretty much any topic they want. However, users can upload videos longer than three minutes if it was recorded outside of the app. The app comes with several editing and customization tools, making it easier to create engaging content more quickly than on platforms like Instagram or YouTube. 

Viewers are then able to see and engage with your content (given your hashtags are relevant). Once viewers see your video, they can give it a “heart” which stands in place of likes on the platform, and they can comment as well. What’s important to know is that the more hearts and comments you get, the more people will find your account and your content. 

For a complete guide on how to use TikTok, visit this helpful article from Pocket-Lint

How Can You Use TikTok?

Now for the exciting part – what you can do with the platform. It’s an understatement to say that the possibilities are limitless, but what can really distinguish your content is how it relates to your business. While the videos can be informative and/or funny, you should treat these videos as content that pushes your brand’s people and message, and not treated as an advertisement or commercial. It’s vital to remember that the demographics of TikTok are 57% female and 43% male, and the largest age group of users are people aged 18-29 (information courtesy of Demand Sage). This demographic isn’t looking for commercials, and will skip over your content without a second thought if it isn’t different and engaging. Fun is the name of the game here, whether through laughs or tips, and will help bring engagement and interest to your business. 

You should now have a basic understanding of what TikTok is and what you can do with it. While we’ll leave the content up to you, the tools are here for you to make content that is engaging, fun, and worth you and your audience’s time. For more information on what TikTok can do, visit this article from Pocket-Lint, or you can email us at


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