Online Video Advertising Trends for Age Demographics

A recent study for online video advertising trends says that shorter video ads resonate more with younger demographics, while older consumers will watch longer video ads.

IAB in partnership with Millward Brown Digital and Tremor Video found that 10 second video ads have greater potential with younger audiences, and 30 second video ads performed better with the 35 to 54 age demographic.

Online video advertising spots for brands in the automotive and quick casual restaurant industries were viewed by study participants on either a desktop, smartphone or tablet before answering questions related to ad receptivity and brand effectiveness.

This research indicates that for some age demographics, shorter video ads may not better, which is important to know when creating multi-screen online video advertising. IAB says that based on this data, marketers should develop shorter video ads for smaller screen sizes, and longer ads for larger screens.

The study also found that longer video ads were better for explaining complex information, while video ads viewed on tablets were better for delivering new data.

The tolerance for video ads varied by age demographics, with almost half of younger viewers saying there were too many ads on their mobile phones, while 43% of older viewers said the same. For tablets, 36% of the younger demographic felt they saw too many, compared with 25% of older viewers.

Also, those viewing ads on a tablet device were more likely to visit a brand’s website than they would after viewing an ad on their mobile phone.

Being mindful of online video advertising trends can impact the results of your ad campaigns, and this study offers some guidance for demographics and devices.

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