Programmatic Direct Advertising Agencies Offer More Automated Online Ads

DoubleClick announced the public beta of an online advertising program that gives programmatic direct advertising agencies access to premium guaranteed inventory.

Programmatic direct advertising, also known as automated guaranteed or programmatic premium, is an automated process that can improve the efficiency of an online advertising agency. Before programmatic advertising, agencies would have to rely on a less-efficient process of sending requests to discover pricing and availability from publishers, transact deals with insertion orders and add the advertisements into the ad server.

More automated online advertising is available now thanks to the rise of programmatic advertising. Agencies have faster access to ad inventory, complete pricing control, immediate ad delivery and better performance analytics.

Programmatic direct ad spending was expected to reach $8 Billion in 2015 in the US alone – more than 50% of total programmatic display ad spend. Initial steps to bring the benefits of programmatic to direct deals have been focused on automating the deal booking process. While that’s a good start, it only scratches the surface of what programmatic technology can do. The true value of programmatic direct will be achieved when the power of real-time, data-driven decisions is combined with access to brand safe, reserved publisher inventory. This will not only shorten the time it takes to book and execute high value reservations type deals, but also improve online advertising performance.

A real-time bidding infrastructure brings the power of programmatic to direct sales. Advertisers and agencies get access to premium guaranteed inventory with cross-campaign / advertiser optimization and frequency management across programmatic and reservation inventory. Publishers can lock in revenue through reservations, forecast against programmatic deals, and enjoy the ease of automated billing and collections. All that without the need to email tags, hassle creative controls, resolve discrepancies, or fax I/Os back and forth.

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