Programmatic Native Ads & Mobile Video Advertising

Mobile is driving new innovations in digital advertising, and to address these challenges, the Doubleclick Ad Exchange announced support for programmatic native ads and video advertising formats on mobile devices.

Programmatic Mobile Native Advertising

Publishers can now offer programmatic native ads, both in the open auction and in private marketplaces, on DoubleClick Ad Exchange. This is available now in apps and will roll out for cross-screen native ads over the next few months. Beta testers of these features, including eBay, have already experienced strong results.

As a pioneer in the programmatic space, eBay recently rolled out its Native Mobile Programmatic solutions, which have revolutionized the way brands deliver their message to the right person, at the right time. Since the launch of its new native ad unit, eBay is seeing a 3.6x increase in ad engagement on average, with some campaigns delivering click-through rates up to 5%.

“We’re focused on leveraging DoubleClick’s technical footprint to bring scalability to our native mobile programmatic offering,” says Brian Brownie, Director of U.S. Display Operations & Programmatic Advertising at eBay. “Our success with desktop private marketplaces, backed by eBay insights, has unlocked massive client adoption and this next phase of mobile delivery is a continuation of the effort.”

Programmatic Mobile Video Advertising

Along with native ads, DoubleClick announced programmatic support for mobile video advertising in apps. Video is key to driving brand impact in the moments that matter, no matter where they occur. With these new immersive, full-screen video ads available programmatically, again in both the open auction and in private marketplaces, publishers can offer their advertising partners a new way to bring engaging brand experiences to users seamlessly, driving advertiser performance and growing publisher revenue. During beta tests, publishers realized gains as high as 30% CPM in interstitial video compared to regular interstitial performance. Together, these innovations help address a strong demand for native and mobile video formats that can be bought programmatically.


Hawaiian Airlines 1024x425


So sure, Hawaiian Airlines is a pretty large company, but that doesn’t mean results like this are out of reach for businesses of all sizes.

Remember our trend: The customer path to purchase isn’t following the traditional linear marketing funnel.

The beauty of this trend is that it’s not about who is bigger (though hundreds of millions for ad spend doesn’t hurt), it’s about who provides the best, most relevant ad for that shopper at that moment. It’s about being there for intent-rich shopping touchpoints. Businesses, companies, and agencies still clinging to the notion of the linear marketing funnel won’t be able to do that.

As is so often the case these days, the businesses who embrace changing shopping behaviors in their online advertising are those that will succeed in the future. Be one of them.


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