Top Adwords Agencies for PPC Advertising Services

If you’re looking to hire a top Adwords agency for PPC advertising, management services should include optimization of Quality Scores, which is an estimate of the quality of PPC ads and corresponding landing pages. Adwords ad agencies know that a high Quality Score means that Google thinks your PPC ads are relevant, which can lead to more clicks and a lower cost.

Each keyword gets a Quality Score on a scale from 1 to 10, where 1 is the lowest score and 10 is the highest. Top Adwords agencies provide overall PPC management services including ad quality, auction-time factors, actual search terms, type of device, language preference, location and the time of day.

When your ad agency competes in the auction, AdWords calculates real-time measurements of expected CTR, ad relevance, and landing page experience that, together with your bid and other factors, produce a score called Ad Rank.

How the Quality Score Affects Ad Rank

When someone does a search that triggers a PPC ad that competes in the Adwords auction, Google calculates an Ad Rank. This calculation incorporates the bid, auction-time measurements of expected CTR, ad relevance, landing page experience, and other factors. To determine the auction-time quality components, Google looks at a number of different factors. Top Adwords agencies can manage PPC advertising services to improve the quality components of Ad Rank:

  • Expected CTR of PPC Ads: Based in part on historical clicks and impressions of PPC ads
  • Past CTR of Display URLs: The historical clicks and impressions your display URL has received
  • Quality of the Landing Page: How relevant, transparent, and easy-to-navigate your page is
  • Search Relevance of PPC Ads: How relevant your ad text is to what a person searches for
  • Geographic Performance: How successful your account has been in the regions you’re targeting
  • Your Targeted Devices: How well your ads have been performing on different types of devices

How Quality Affects Your PPC Advertising

  • Ad Auction Eligibility: Better quality components typically makes it easier and cheaper for your PPC ads to enter an Adwords auction
  • Actual Cost Per Click: Higher quality PPC ads can often lead to lower CPCs. That means you pay less per click when ads are higher quality
  • Advertising Position: Higher quality pay per click ads lead to higher ad positions, meaning they can show up higher on the page
  • Position Bid Estimates: PPC ads are more likely to appear near the top of search results with a lower bid when ads have quality components

PPC management services from a top Adwords ad agency can provide lower costs and better ad positions. The system works best when your ad agency closely matches what customers are looking for. Relevant ads tend to earn more clicks, appear in a higher position, and produce top results for your advertising.


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