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Website Design & Development

Experience tailored design, seamless user experiences, and optimized performance. We blend creativity and strategy to craft responsive sites that are optimized for mobile, tablet and desktop viewing. We start with the end in mind which includes integrating SEO content on tools for enhanced visibility. Partner with us for digital excellence that drives results.

Hosting + Managed WordPress

Give your website visitors uninterrupted access and fast page loads with our cloud-based website hosting solution. Enjoy reliable and scaleable storage and processing power. Our Managed WordPress team ensures your website remains secure, up-to-date, and optimized for peak performance. We take care of regular software updates and proactive maintenance.

Wordpress Support Basic

Our support team delivers. With a focus on responsive, completeness and quality they are here to be your WordPress eyes, ears and hand to facility your website requests. Send us an email or give us a call and we can update your staff pages, hours, addresses or any basic WordPress task on your website content.

Search Console Management

Boost your website's search visibility and harness Google Search Console's tools to their fullest. We configure, monitor, update, troubleshoot, and regularly report to ensure your sites optimal performance and insights.

Analytics Support

Empower your decisions with Google Analytics Support; from installation to data interpretation, we deliver actionable insights that can drive growth. Benefit from regular reporting and a dedicated support tailored to optimize your online presence.

Advanced Analytics Support

Integrate analytics into your website with Analytics Management. Track essential web activity and establish KPIs. We handle the technical intricacies, ensuring accurate and ongoing data collection for a solid foundation of data-driven insights.

Website Manager

Led by a dedicated Account Manager, we review website trends and KPIs to to align against current business goals. We evaluate the effectiveness of current strategies, and refine your overall digital trajectory for sustained success.

Post Click Optimization

Led by a dedicated Account Manager, we review website trends and KPIs to to align against current business goals. We evaluate the effectiveness of current strategies, and refine your overall digital trajectory for sustained success

Content Management

Enhance your site's appeal and relevance with expert content management. We curate, update, and optimize your content, ensuring it resonates with your audience while driving engagement and maximizing SEO benefits.

Directory Listing Management

Let our experts ensure your business is properly represented on online directories. We’ll handle creating, claiming, verifying, and maintaining your business profiles. This includes ensuring that your business listings are accurate, up-to-date, and consistent across all directories.

Essential SEO

Drive growth and visibility with fully managed SEO for your website. We create and optimize content and metadata, conduct keyword research, and monitor analytics. Benefit from regular reporting and a dedicated support system tailored for optimal online performance.

Advanced SEO

Maximize your website for organic search traffic with our Advanced plan. Advanced SEO includes all of Essential and offers additional local SEO focused content and optimizations. It includes our detailed reporting and analytics tracking to identify opportunities and elevate your site's positioning in the competitive digital landscape.

Design & Development Our process is an agile take on the Four “D”s. A strategic approach that paves the way to a productive prototype we call the “First-Look”. Our First-Look approach
has improved and expedited the delivery of hundreds of websites
to satisfied clients all across North America

Laptop Plans


In the initial phase, we aim to understand your goals, audience, competitive set, and unique value. Through discussions and research, we gather insights that lay the foundation for your website’s success. In this first and most important step, we define the goals, the target audience, and the desired look and feel.


This is where our agile design approach truly comes alive. We introduce a paradigm shift with a live Homepage and a secondary page to present the website’s look and feel. This includes the header, footer, typography, and the overall creative direction. This dynamic showcase empowers you with a hands-on experience of the design possibilities, igniting collaboration and precision.


Building upon the chosen creative direction, our adept development team takes the reins. Infused with innovation, we transform concepts into reality, implementing the latest technologies and code practices. The fusion of design and development ensures that your website is not only visually captivating but also seamlessly functional across devices and browsers.


This is where the website is made live and available to the public. With a full suite of website services, the delivery and deployment can become the launching pad for ongoing support and services. This includes things like managed WordPress support, hosting, and security updates. See the full list of ongoing website services above.

Tech Town, USA

Let’s use the analogy of a bustling town to explain DNS, website hosting, email services, the associated records, and website management,:

DNS (Domain Name System)

Imagine this bustling town where everyone knows each other by their names. But there’s also a central directory that translates those names into actual addresses, ensuring you can find anyone’s house. This directory is like DNS – it translates user-friendly website names into the numeric addresses computers use to locate websites on the internet. Just as you rely on the directory to find your friends’ houses, your browser relies on DNS to find the right server for the website you want to visit.

Email Services, MX, and A Records

Consider the town as having not only physical locations but also a postal system for communication. The central post office handles incoming and outgoing mail. Similarly, email services have MX records, which are like the town’s post office addresses that specify where emails should be sent. Additionally, imagine each house has a unique mailbox number – these are like A records, which point to specific addresses for websites and mail servers.

Website Hosting

Think of the town as having plots of land where people build their homes. Each plot comes with different sizes and features. In this analogy, website hosting is like purchasing a plot of land to build your website’s house. You have control over the design and layout, and you can fill it with your website’s content. Just as homeowners personalize their houses, website owners configure their hosting space to suit their website’s design and purpose.

Managed Website Services

Now, imagine the town offering a concierge service where experienced assistants handle all sorts of tasks – from maintaining homes to managing the post office. Managed website services work similarly. It’s like having a team of experts who take care of website maintenance, updates, security (home upkeep), and email server management (post office). This frees up the website owner to focus on their content and business growth, while professionals handle the technical aspects.

Website Management

Imagine you’re the mayor of the town, responsible for keeping everything in order. You ensure the roads are well-maintained, businesses are running smoothly, and public spaces are attractive. Website management is similar – it involves tasks like creating and updating web pages (businesses), optimizing content (maintaining roads), and ensuring the website’s functionality and security (keeping the town safe and operational).

Putting it all together

In this town analogy, DNS acts as a central directory translating names to addresses. Website hosting is akin to owning a plot of land for your website’s house. Website management is like being the mayor, ensuring the town runs smoothly. Email services have their postal system with MX records, and A records function like house mailbox numbers. Managed website services are like having expert assistants to handle technical aspects, leaving the website owner to concentrate on content and growth, just as the town thrives with a well-run community.

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