Will a UAW Strike Disrupt Sales?

One Easy Strategy to Implement Now!

Even a brief suspension of manufacturing will cause the current supply of new vehicles on the ground to dwindle come late October and November.

Dealers are likely to rely on an uptick in pre-owned sales until the situation resolves. While you always have the ability to turn up the paid advertising dial when/as needed, organic lead contribution (SEO) requires more time. The good news is that you still have time to increase organic lead flow for when you will need it. But, time is of the essence!

Step 1: Conduct an SEO readiness audit specific to sales (and service) of pre-owned inventory
Step 2: Hire 10TH DEGREE for a rapid SEO tune up and implementation

We are grateful that you have chosen to partner with us as for your website. As the provider of your website we are in the best possible position to apply rapid and effective search engine optimizations to the site and to measure conversions and results.

As we are already familiar with your local market, your store, your inventory, and your areas of focus, we can translate all this quickly into optimizations of content, metadata, schema, and the core building blocks of great SEO that works!

Take advantage of the SEO-activated features integrated into your website platform. Our latest platform uses industry best practices for improving search crawling and indexing, which can help improve your organic traffic. The new dynamic link structure and metadata is integrated as part of our MetaSPA platform. In addition, SRPs are automatically added to the HTML and XML sitemaps when they are created. This capability provides up-to-date, relevant information to search engines about your inventory.

Simply put, we care about your success, and we are the best choice to quickly tune up your SEO and increase organic leads for pre-owned inventory. Strike or no strike, you will benefit from this strategy.


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