Display Advertising in 2021

[All You Need To Know – Concept, Types, Strategy]

In this era of modernism and technological advancement, you cannot excel in your online or offline business if you do not learn the art of display advertising.

The good news is that you can easily learn the basics of display advertising because it is something that you commonly see on websites, social media platforms, and apps. Rightly done, display campaign can bear fruit faster than you think.

Excited? Want to know more?

Read this ultimate guide to know all about display advertising, the different types, and what display strategy you should follow to create a strong online display campaign.

Let’s dive in.

What is Display Advertising

Display advertising involves the use of various text-based or graphical ads to attract the audience of a website, social media platforms, and other digital mediums to deliver your message effectively to the target audience and motivate them to take a particular action.

The display ads are often made using images, text, videos, or even HTML5 animations that will encourage the users to take the specific action. 


Display advertising campaigns can be based entirely on text-based as well. However, you need to make these ads visually attractive and enticing for your ideal audience. The presence of rich media elements and the use of strong call-to-action words are some of the factors that decide the effectiveness of display ad campaigns. 

Example of Nike Banner Ad

Types of Display Ads

Display ads come in several shapes and sizes. You can choose the desired relevant size based on your unique advertising goals. For example, if you want to proceed with the display advertising using Google Adwords, you can opt for the wide range of display ads. 

Some of the other forms of display ads include:

Traditional Banner Ads

A traditional banner ad can show up anywhere on a website. Generally, they appear on the top, right, or left side. 

The Amazon Prime Ads are often banner ads. From this example, you can easily understand what kind of selling goals you can achieve 

Interstitial Ads

You may have seen the ads that cover the whole screen and appear as web pages. So before you are redirected to the original page, the interstitial ad automatically appears on your screen and tries to motivate you to take a particular action. All of us have seen this kind of ad on our mobile screens and other websites. 

Rich Media Ads

When the ad contains clickable elements along with a visually attractive image or video, it is called the rich media ad. These ads can also bring the targeted audience right to your sales funnel. These ads are the most important ad types in display advertising campaigns. 

Video Ads

The power of video advertisement is not hidden. From youtube to almost all the social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, and Snapchat, you can see tons of video ads everywhere. Almost all online and offline businesses are readily opting for video ads and making use of this amazing marketing technique to promote their online and offline businesses. 

How does Display Advertising work?

If you are not well aware of the display ads, then you must have some knowledge about print advertising. The ads on the print media are used to deliver different types of information to the people such as

  • Inform the people about something or notify them
  • Try to grab the attention of the target audience and motivate them to buy some kind of product or service. The ads designed for selling purposes often have very attractive visuals and CTAs.
  • Increase the knowledge of the people about the brand. In other words, some ads do not focus on selling, instead, they only serve the purpose of creating brand recognition and brand awareness among the potential customers. 

So the display advertising works by attracting people from the external sources on your website by enticing them through the display of the graphical advertisement. To make it more effective for the people, display advertising targets people with particular habits by focusing on the search intent and encourages the people to click on the ad and make a purchase. 

example of Jazel banner ad

Let’s take the example of Google ads to understand how display advertising works.

Automatic Google Ads Placements

In this type of display advertising, Google automatically searches for the websites where the display of the ads can be useful. For this purpose, it chooses the ads that relate to your business. In this way, increases the chances to reach out to the people who may be interested in your advertisement. 

Managed Google Ad Placements

When you focus on the customer search trends and find the relevant business sites for the ad displays on your own, it is called the Managed Google ad placement. 

If you want to entice the people with your ads, then you should take some time in deep research and buy advertising space on some other well-reputed and high domain authority sites. It is the best idea to target people with particular interests. 

How To Build A Strong Display Strategy?

Without goal setting, display advertising cannot work. Just like other businesses, it requires effort and time. 

According to Display Benchmarks Tool, the average CTR of display ads across all formats and placements is 0.06%. However, Retargeter set up a retargeting campaign that generated an ROI of 486%.


Here are a few goals that will help you to devise a strong brand strategy. 

  • Display ads should focus on building brand awareness and top-notch recognition of the brand in the minds of the people. This milestone can be achieved when you use a strong marketing technique and display the ads so often on similar media platforms and other sites with high traffic. 
  • Another major aspect of creating display ads is to generate more and more new leads and convert them to recurring purposes. 
  • Display advertising is also used for retargeting purposes and enables you to interact and target the abandoned user and keep them coming back to your brand. 
  • Another major goal of display advertising is to nurture the leads through the buying process. 

Once you are clear about your goals, you can proceed with the display advertising and the creation of powerful video, text content, or image ads for display advertising purposes. 

Building A Display Advertising Strategy

You should remember a few things while building a strong display advertising strategy.

  • Explore the different targeting options to enhance the effectiveness of your display ads such as topic targeting, keyword targeting, demographic targeting, keyword targeting, audience targeting for remarketing, etc.
  • You should have comprehensive knowledge of the display advertising exclusions as well. It is all about stopping your ads to display on websites where you do not want them to appear. You can also opt for the site category exclusions. 

Some Pro Tips To Create An Effective Strategy

  • Use the right language and sell on an individual basis. For example, if you have a shoe brand and the search intent of the people has revealed that they prefer based on style, you can choose to talk to your customers according to the style’s perspective and give them strong offers based on the style preferences. 
  • While creating the copy for display advertising purposes, make sure to add the sense of urgency by using strong CTAs such as “Call us before it’s too late”, “Grab this golden opportunity right now”, etc. 
  • To increase the click-through rates, keep on experimenting with different themes, ad sizes, shapes, and colors.

Final Verdict

Display advertising is an important part of digital marketing and every business should consider running display advertising campaigns. If you are new to display advertising, we advise you to start from banner ads and learn about choosing the right audiences to bring the target audience to the landing pages. 


This step-by-step guide can be enough for you to know all the basics of display advertising. However, if you are still confused and want to ask questions, feel free to contact us. 


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