Building Trust with Google Local Services Ads

How does your business build trust with potential in-market customers searching for your industry’s services? Utilizing Google Local Services Ads (LSA) with the Google Guarantee or Google Screened badge is a great way to build rapport with relevant online shoppers in the digital age.

Google LSAs are another method of paid advertising, geared towards potential lower funnel customers in your targeted service area. The difference from the typical paid search ads is that you can show up alongside other businesses in your industry with information such as ratings, phone number, hours, and photos. Not only that, LSAs show up above the traditional search ad placements as well, in addition to being pay per lead instead of pay per click. Furthermore, there isn’t a keyword list that needs to be managed, since Google decides which searches are the most relevant.

You’re probably used to seeing various websites, and maybe your own, ranked on search engine results pages (SERP) while searching Google. What if you have the chance to show up above those organic search listings? While search engine optimizations (SEO) for your website are always recommended to help your organic ranking positions on SERPs, LSAs offer your company the opportunity to show up above those top ranked listings.

Google Guarantee and Google Screened are badges companies can earn as a sign of trust with online customers, and which badge you have depends on the type of business you run. Businesses must first pass Google’s screening and verification process to achieve this. The process can include background checks, license checks, insurance checks, and advanced verification.

While the requirements may seem like a lot, don’t lose the opportunity to be visible in this piece of prime digital real estate, since it is an important tool to reach those potential customers. Just keep in mind that reviews are an important ranking factor for LSAs, with the amount of positive reviews helping your visibility. Remember to ask for reviews from your happy customers for a helpful boost!

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